Safety 45 Degree Head Large Barrel Chamfer Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits for Removing Gel Nail Polish Acrylic


Model: 37-8
MOQ: 30 Pcs

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  1. Made of Carbide Tungsten that’s resistant to rust and corrosion as well as offering high heat resistance to ensure safe use
  2. This drill bit provides you with a quick and simple way to remove the gel, nail polish, acrylic dipping powder, and more from your nails and can also be used for removing bulk or thinning your nails
  3. 3/32″ stem provides just the right fit for most standard electric files making them perfect for both home and salon use
  4. The 45° safety nail drill bits allow the nail technician or whoever is using the nail drill bit to get in and around the cuticle, helps to shorten the entire surface of the nail bed, and helps in cleaning underneath the nails without ever changing your bit.
  5. The 45° safety drill bit is also perfect for the nail area that is used for surface work. It also does the shortening and backfill cutting.
  6. Designed to cut smoothly in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions for both two hands. Suitable for Left-handed or Right-handed use.
  7. Flute diameter: 6.6mm
  8. Flute length: 13mm
  9. Shank Length: 27mm