Original SUNUV Brand Professional 24W/48W Switchable UV Led Lamp Nail Gelish Dryer Curing Machine SunOne


Model: 54-1
MOQ: 12 Pcs

Quantity 12 - 99100 - 199200 +
Price $15.20$14.80$14.50

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  1. Using 30pcs high-quality LEDs, users can dry nails faster.
  2. Users can set 5s, 30s, 60s mode as your desire, which brings you a flexible Drying Manicure experience
  3. Pressing the on-off button for 2 seconds can switch its power from 48W to 24W
  4. It can be started automatically by infrared induction if you put your hand into the machine without pressing the time setting button.
  5. The new technology of double light source covers a wider range of ultraviolet bands, suitable for drying nail UV-gel, builder gel, nail polish gel, sculpture gel, gem gel and LED nail gel. No need to worry about distinguishing your nail gel.
  6. Compared with ultraviolet light, it is closer to white light, which ensures the color of nail gel. Its light has no harm to nails, eyes, and skin, protecting your hands from being black.
  7. The magnetic reflective panel can be separated without tools, more convenient for toenail gel curing.
  8. Heat dissipation hole and fan design can cool the machine continuously for 30 seconds, protecting the machine from overheating.
  9. The piano lacquer of the surface makes it more fashionable.