Nail Dip Powder Tray Nail Dipping Recycling System DIY Nail Flash Powder Box


Model: 36-20
MOQ: 50 Pcs

Quantity 50 - 199200 - 499500 +
Price $0.75$0.72$0.68

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  1. Not only will you save time with this dip case, but you will also save the precious product with the system’s ability to catch and reuse excess powder.
  2. Finger groove design: you can put your nail in the tray and simply pour the powder over your nail. The unused powder falls to the tray below and you can reuse it for the next manicure.
  3. Dip powder recycling system: reduce powder waste and increase the ease of clean-up with the recycling system, removable spoon and catch feature for this nail dipping powder system.
  4. Application: great for conserving your dipping powder. It helps with even coverage, and will not destroy the designs or patterns. It works great for glitters and dips powder, you won’t be disappointed.
  5. Perfect DIY nail tools: it is a compact container with a finger guide, which is easy and convenient for both salon nail artists and beginners to use.
  6. No-hassle clean-up: made of plastic material, smooth surface, which can be easily cleaned with a nail brush. The arc-shaped and detachable body design makes it easy to pour excess powder back into the powder jar.