Manicure Tools Disinfection Jar Salons Barbers Pedicure Appliance Tool Sanitizing Glass Bottle


Model: 56-5
MOQ: 10 Pcs

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  1. This jar is to hold a wide variety of barber tools, beauty supplies, and nail salon supplies for disinfecting.
  2. It comes with a removable strainer basket to ensure that the hands don’t come in contact with the sanitizing solution and also, for easy removal of tools.
  3. Our Disinfecting Jar always stays in place even on smooth countertops thanks to its non-slip bottom. The sanitizing jar has a base that is also covered with a silicone rubber ring. Safety first!
  4. With the Disinfectant Jar around, you can be sure that sanitizing is just within arm’s reach. The transparent sterilizer jar also lets you know which instruments – barber comb, barber brush, towels, clippers, scissors or razors, even baby clippers or baby brush – are currently in disinfecting mode.
  5. Disinfecting Jar is so easy to use. Just lift the lid and out comes the straining tray that holds the barber tools. It is an excellent addition to barber shops, nail salon, spa clinics, hair salon as well as for your kitchen or use.
  6. Name: Salon Disinfection Cup
  7. Uses: Disinfection of hairdressing tools such as scissors, combs, hair clips
  8. Material: Stainless Steel+plastic
  9. Color: Transparent