7PCS Purple Handle Nail Art Design Pen Painting Brush Set


Model: 12-12
MOQ: 50 Sets

Quantity 50 - 99100 - 499500 +
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  1. A variety of brush shapes to meet different painting needs
  2. Nail color paintbrush is used for nail painting, drawing lines, petals, and other shapes, very suitable for drawing exquisite patterns
  3. The detail brush is thinner and longer and can be used to draw more fine pattern details
  4. The Dotting tool can be used to dip diamonds onto the nails.
  5. Nail flat brush and angled brush are used for 3D color painting, using two or more pigments to make color patterns with gradual and 3D effects, and the flowers are vivid and beautiful.
  6. Fan-shaped brushes can draw multiple lines at the same time, be dipped in 2-3 pigments to create a gradual effect, and can also brush radium powder, glitter, etc.