5 Types Nail Preparation Cuticle Clean Nail Carbide Drill Bit T041-T101


Model: 37-12
MOQ: 30 Pcs

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  1. For Cleaning Cuticle Area for Nail Prep. less messy, low dust, with flute-like cuts for excellent cutting and smoothing performance
  2. Gently Removes Cuticles without Damaging Nail and Skin
  3. The cuticle bit gently and effectively removes dead skin and cuticles from the nail bed. Great for nail preparation and cuticle cleaning
  4. Fast and Efficient for Nail Preparation, Smooth, Gentle and Safe.
  5. Lightweight and portable, easy to clean and transport with excellent durability.
  6. Suitable for Right-handed use
  7. Suitable for salons, DIY, and a great gift for nail enthusiasts