3/32″ Cylinder Shape Barrel Smooth Top Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bits Chip Breaker G12R


Model: 37-2
MOQ: 30 Pcs

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  1. Cross-cut bits provide a rapid, precise and easy cut of acrylic products. Less force is required to achieve the same cutting rate of other carbide bits and there is less chatter and hence smoother cutting. This will result in significant time and cost savings.
  2. 3/32″ stem that fits most standard professional electric nail files.
  3. these bits are professional tools used for artificial nails and are not to be used on the natural nail bed.
  4. Creates less dust with little friction and heat
  5. Superior Quality, Long Lasting Guaranteed
  6. Perfect for use on acrylics or hard gels
  7. Used for surface work, shaping, and designed for safe cuticle work
  8. The rounded smooth top allows you to easily reach the cuticle and sidewalls without damaging the nail
  9. Removes bulk and thinning out product