200ml Flower Design Twist-lock Nail Polish Remover Liquid Pump Dispenser Bottles


Model: 30-9
MOQ: 120 Pcs

Quantity 120 - 239240 - 479480 +
Price $0.53$0.51$0.49

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  1. This Pump Dispenser is used to dispense liquid from the bottle in a Handy and Very Convenient Manner.
  2. For acetone / cleanser / polish remover / makeup remover etc.
  3. Twist-lock design, rotate to the left to lock and rotate to the left to unlock
  4. Fill the bottle with the liquid desired;
  5. Simply place a cotton pad on the top and press the center of the lip;
  6. Then the liquid will be poured from the bottle, fill up the lip, and be soaked with the cotton pad.