Knowledge about nail drill bits

What is a nail drill bit?

A nail drill bit is a nail filing tool used to help with the shaping, removal, or exfoliation of artificial or natural nails. A nail bit has two parts, an elongated shaft, and a head. The shaft is inserted into the handpiece of your e-file, and the head is what does the actual work on your nails. There are different types of nail bits; some have curved or pointed heads, while others have square heads.

What materials are nail bits made of?

Nail bits come in a wide range of materials, but the most common ones are made out of diamond, carbide, ceramic, or fabric sanding bands/mandrels.

The basic Mandrel bit/Sanding bands

Mandrel bits are usually made of metal or rubber and are used to hold onto sanding bands.

Sanding bands are made out of fabric and can’t be disinfected. For this reason, they are only used once and disposed of after each client. Color removal is a common use for sanding bands.

Carbide bits are made out of carbide metal. They are not to be used on natural nails but are ideal for removing and shaping nail enhancements since they scoop away products more quickly. These tools should be used at a high RPM and are designed for 1 direction use. Left-handed technicians should look for left-hand specific carbide bits. 

Diamond bits are made out of diamonds and work by scratching or exfoliating product or skin. They are very durable and ideal for dry manicure cuticle work. Many companies may call their bits ‘ diamonds’, however, are actually made with glass, crystal, or other synthetic materials. Erica’s 100% natural diamond bits allow for better and longer-lasting use.

Ceramic bits are nail drill bits coated in ceramics and have fluted teeth. They scoop away products in a similar style as carbide bits.

What’s the different usage of every shape of drill bits?

Mandrel Bits & Sanding Bands

You use the mandrel bit with sanding bands of different grits. They come in different abrasiveness such as fine, medium, and coarse, depending on what you want to use them for. Sanding bands are suitable for beginners and ideal for removing the shine of the nail prior to product application. Unlike the other kinds of nail bits, sanding bands are single-use products.

Barrel Bits

Barrels are used for removal or shaping all different types of nail products such as gel, acrylic, poly gel, or dip. This shape has a flat top, making it ideal for shortening and shaping artificial nails to your preferred length. You can also use the top edge to tap out the lifted products or create smile lines.

Needle Bits

Because of their very pointed and slim needle-like shape, they are the best choice for narrow spots such as under nail treatments. They are also very much suited for making a design with a hole in your fingernails as they can be very precisely targeted.

Cone Bits

Shaped like a cone, these bits are an excellent match for removing acrylics or gel nails. Because of their unique form, they really complement your natural nail curve.

Ball bits

Nail drill bits that come in this ball shape on top are just perfect for cuticle exfoliation! Once the cuticle has been lifted up and off the nail plate, gently trace the rim with the bit. Depending on the skin type, this can replace using cuticle nippers. It is also great for removing and cleaning hard skin and trimming edges for a more polished result.

Flame Bits

More of a second-step usage bit, the flame bit is ideal for cleaning up around the nail plate and perfecting the cuticle area after initial treatments. Because of its small size, it also works excellently on sidewalls, in corners, and for the removal of hangnails.

Safety bits

Safety bits come with a rounded top that is usually very smooth. They allow you to cut close to the cuticle and skin with confidence when filing in this sensitive area. Great for beginners, they will enable you to practice without hurting anyone easily, thanks to that added safety.

Especially for a start, we recommend getting a nail drill bit set that already has an assorted collection of nail bits. A kit prepares you for any manicure or pedicure needs you or your client might have and gives you any nail bit you might need!

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