How to Apply Nail Tips

1. Get the materials ready. To apply nail tips to your natural nails, you will need:

  • Nail tips
  • Nail adhesive glue
  • Nail clipper
  • Nail file

2. Choose the right nail tip size. Look through the nail tips and find one that matches each of your nails. The nail tips should be wide enough to cover your nail, but not so wide that they are overlapping the edges of your nails.

  • Hold up multiple tips to each nail to find the best fit and then lay them out in the order that you will need them.

3. Brush a layer of topcoat onto your natural nails. Nail adhesive glue can wreck your nails, but applying a top coat before you apply the nail tips may help to protect them. However, keep in mind that the nail tips may not bond as tightly with your natural nails.

  • If you are concerned about the health of your natural nails, apply a layer or two of clear topcoat before you apply the nails.

4. Apply the adhesive glue. Pick up one of the nail tips by the end and apply a line of adhesive glue to the indented area of the tip.

  • If the nail does not have an indented area, then just apply the adhesive glue along the curved edge of the nail. This is the edge that will need to overlap the end of your natural nail.
  • Keep in mind that nail adhesive glue bonds quickly and is quite strong. Make sure that you have the right nail before you press it onto your finger.
  • If you make a mistake, apply some nail polish remover that contains acetone to the edge of the nail tip. This will help loosen it so that you can remove the nail tip and start over.

5. Press on the nail. Press the nail tip against your natural nail to ensure that the adhesive bonds tightly with your nail. If the nail tip has an indent in it, then you will need to push the nail back so that the edge meets up with the end of your natural nail. If there is no indentation, then just apply the nail tip about ¼ inch from the end of your nail.

  • Press on the nail for about five seconds to give the adhesive glue a chance to bond.
  • Repeat this for all of your nails.

6. Trim the nail. Nail tips are quite long, so you will probably want to trim them down a little before you shape them. Use clippers or a pair of nail scissors to trim the nail down to your desired length.

  • Make sure that you cut straight across. This is especially important if you want square-tipped nails.
  • If you want almond or stiletto-tipped nails, then you can also cut off part of the sides of the nails.
  • Try cutting a little less than you think you will need to cut. Filing your nails will also shorten them slightly, so you may end up with shorter nails than you’d like if you cut too much.

7. Bend the nail on the sides. The nail tips may be a bit stiff and straight looking, which can look unnatural. To give them more curves and enhance their appearance, you can press gently on the edges of the nails as if you are trying to bend the sides of the nails together.

  • Place your index finger and thumb on either side of a nail and squeeze gently a few times.
  • Repeat this for all of the nail tips.

8. Shape the nail. After you are finished trimming and bending the nails into a pleasing curve, you will need to shape your nail tips. Use a file to shape your nails into your desired shape. Some popular nail shapes include:

  • Square
  • Almond
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Stiletto

9. Paint the nails. When you have achieved the shape that you want, you can paint your nails as desired. Choose your color or colors and any special designs you want to add.

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